About Us

RAFTOWL — Inflatable Boat Online Shop

RAFTOWL is an North American online store – the number one source for all things Inflatable Fishing Boat. We pride ourselves and dedicated to giving you the very best of Inflatable Fishing Boats, with a focus on quality, durable, affordable and reliable customer service.


Founded in the year 2017 by Timi Eugene, RAFTOWL has come a long way from its beginnings, starting from a small home office in Toronto.


Timi’s passion for water sports, fishing, and recreational boating led to the creation of RAFTOWL online store.


We are proud to say that RAFTOWL now serves customers all over North America, US and other countries in Europe.


We are thrilled to be a part of the Inflatable Fishing Boat industry and will continue to serve the communities of Inflatable Fishing Rafts/Boats.


We want to thank our customers for being part and making this journey a success.

Timi eugene - founder RAFTOWL

Timi Eugene – Founder RAFTOWL

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